Electric Wheelchairs

Electric wheelchairs tend to be more specialised than mobility scooters offering an easier means of transport for those customers who would struggle in a manual wheelchair. Similarly to our manual wheelchairs, we only sell electric wheelchairs following a full professional assessment to determine that the product you are interested in purchasing really is suitable for your needs. We supply electric wheelchairs from all of the major brands in the market, and we are confident that we can advise you on the perfect solution for your particular needs.

There is a large range of standard and specialist electric wheelchairs available depending on your specific needs. To determine the best product for you, speak to our wheelchair specialist for impartial and independent advice.

Standard Indoor Electric Wheelchairs

Designed primarily for indoor use, these wheelchairs are more compact and well suited for restricted areas around the home. They are more versatile, and come with a limited range of seating options to deal with comfort and support.

Standard Outdoor Electric Wheelchairs

Standard outdoor electric wheelchairs combine the comfort and support of their indoor equivalents but with more power and durability to allow them to cover a greater distance and remain stable during outdoor travel over a variety of terrain types.

Indoor and Outdoor Electric Wheelchairs

If you plan to use your electric wheelchair both inside and outside the home, but do not want two separate chairs, then you need a chair that can combine the manoeuvrability of an indoor chair with the power and durability of an outdoor chair.