Considerations when purchasing a mobility product from Shire Mobility

Specialist Manual Wheelchairs

Shire Mobility is a supplier of both standard and specialist manual wheelchairs with the focus on high-end prescriptive and configurable manual wheelchairs. Standard wheelchairs are pre-manufactured in a limited range of sizes and styles. They are generally far heavier and less comfortable. Prescriptive wheelchairs require a full assessment. The assessment is to ensure that the client’s clinical needs are met. We also discuss any specialist seating requirements focusing on pressure care and seat back options. This will ensure that you receive a chair that really is right for you. Our extensive range of manual wheelchairs includes both self-propelling and transit styles, and are sourced from market-leading manufacturers such as Invacre, Sunrise and Ottobock, We are confident that we can supply the perfect solution for the vast majority of wheelchair users.

Standard Wheelchairs

Standard wheelchairs may be the right choice when you need to be transported or to be able to self-propell and not necessarily spend all day in your chair. There are a large range of makes and models to choose from. They are generally high quality, durable products that are well designed for everyday use.

Bespoke Wheelchairs

Clients with more restrictive mobility may benefit from a prescriptive wheelchair versus a standard wheelchair. Prescriptive chairs are highly configurable, and therefore more customizable for an individual’s personal use. Prescriptive wheelchairs are designed to take into account back support, posture and seating requirements. These factors make prescriptive chairs an ideal solution for more complex mobility issues.

Children’s Wheelchairs

Wheelchairs specifically designed for children reflect their different requirements, and as a result, they tend to be sleek, colourful, lightweight, durable and adjustable. This means that you don’t need to worry about sudden growth spurts, and you can trust that the wheelchair you’re buying is one that suits the child in your care.