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Mobility scooters are the ideal solution for people who are presented with mobility challenges but wish to retain an active lifestyle and independence outside of the home. Mobility scooters, sometimes called disability scooters, come in a variety of shapes and sizes to cover a range of situations. It is important to assess what you need a scooter for, so whether you are looking for one to place in the boot of a car or an 8mph road legal scooter, its our role to find the right one for you. At Shire Mobility we supply mobility scooters across this broad range from leading suppliers on the market such as Kymco, Pride, Invacare and many more. We offer extended warranties and are able to provide repairs, servicing and maintenance to all our customers.

Mobility Scooter Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a mobility scooter cost?

The price range you can expect to pay is between £950 and £3,500 plus for a mobility scooter depending on features and options required. Always consider what you want it for before you buy one. Talk to a specialist such as ourselves who will help you through your requirements and find the right solution for you.

What is the best mobility scooter to buy?

There are some great mobility scooters out there in the UK at present from suppliers such as Pride, Kymco and Invacare having a great product range to name a few. As to which one is the best that is hard to say. Each of the suppliers has great scooters in the transportable or boot scooters range, 4mph range and 8mph range. Again as with many products, the best mobility scooter is the one that works for your lifestyle.

Are mobility scooters allowed on UK roads?

Certain mobility scooters are allowed on the road but not all. You should look for a class 3 mobility scooter which are road legal machines capable of a maximum speed of 8mph and are able to be ridden on the pavement at a maximum speed of 4mph. To understand more about the rules around mobility scooters and powered wheelchairs go to the UK government website here.

Do I need insurance for a mobility scooter?

It is not a requirement to have insurance, however, we do recommend you look at this an option. When you are paying £1,000 or more on a new scooter it is always best to be covered.

Are there weight limits on mobility scooters?

Yes, there is. On transportable or boot scooters it ranges from 18st (120kg) to 23st (147kg). With the medium 4mph machines weight is pretty much the same as the transportable and the 8mph machines some can go up to 35 plus stone. Just remember that your warranty is void if you go over the maximum user weight allowed. Always check the specifications first before buying.

How many miles can I do on a mobility scooter?

The range of mobility scooters varies depending on areas such as size of batteries being used, the weight of the machine and of the user, ground it is running on, gradients. So whilst a manufacturer may say is does x miles on a full charge, just like your car it can vary. However to give you an idea of ranges in each group transportable average between 6 and 12 miles, 4mph machines between 16 and 25 miles and the 8mph machine possibly up to 35 miles. All dependent on how and where they are driven!

Can I hire a mobility scooter?

Mobility scooters can be hired if available for weekends or for longer periods. Usually, you will find a charge per week along with a deposit as well to be placed for any damage just like when you hire a car. It may be possible to even take the scooter abroad on a plane, however, talk to your local store before doing this.

What should I know before buying a scooter?

The first thing you should do before buying a mobility scooter is to go a see your local branch and discuss what you are looking for. As a specialist we would want to go through questions such as the following in order to find the right solution for you. – What do you want it to do? Where are you going to use it? – Are you looking for a scooter that fits into a car? – if the terrain is rough do you need solid tyres instead of pneumatic? – Are you wanting to drive you mobility scooter on the road so looking for an 8mph machine? Plus lots more questions! All of which are geared to find out best scooter for you.

How long will a mobility scooter last?

Just like a car, a mobility scooter’s lifespan is dictated by driving conditions, amount of use as well as how it is looked after. At Shire Mobility we have seen scooters that are 10 years old still going strong! Servicing regularly can help keep your scooter in a1 condition. A good service from engineers at a reputable mobility shop will help with this.

What can go wrong with a mobility scooter?

There are various parts of a mobility scooter that can go wrong. Most common though is battery failure. You might not notice at first, however, the signs might be there….maybe you are having to charge it more often? Your mobility scooter slows down or stops on a journey? Just a couple of the signs. The best way to avoid some of the issues is to make sure a service is done on a regular basis.

Can I get VAT relief on a mobility scooter?

As with many other mobility products VAT relief is available if you have an illness or disability. It is always best to discuss this with your local mobility shop who can help you out. You can find more information on the UK government website if you click here.

Are mobility batteries VAT exempt?

Yes if being used for a mobility product and that person has a conditional disability. Please speak to your local mobility shop for more information.

Are mobility scooters allowed in shops?

Most large retails will allow you to use your mobility scooter in their stores. However, it does depend also on accessibility within that store as well. Please speak to your local stores to find out more.

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