Stairlifts, also called a chairlift, are the ideal solution for customers experiencing difficulty in negotiating safely their stairs at home. Safe and simple to use, an installation of a stairlift allows you to continue your independence, living the way you are accustomed to in your own home. Every home is different, so whether you require a straight stairlift or curved stairlift it is crucial to select the right solution and have it professionally installed.  That’s where we come in. We are a local company covering Warwickshire, Oxfordshire, Northamptonshire and Buckinghamshire. Using our own local engineers we assess, install, service and repair. Book a free home survey today by calling one of our stores in Northampton, Bicester or Banbury.

Frequently Asked Questions about Stairlifts

How much do stairlifts cost in the UK? How much should I spend?

Generally, new straight stairlifts start at around £1,495 with reconditioned stairlifts if available from about £999. Sometimes you might even find one to rent on a short-term basis. Beyond these entry prices, costs vary depending on whether the stairlift is being installed on a straight or curved staircase, and taking into account the options wanted, length and angles required. It is difficult to give a price for a curved stairlift as each one we supply is bespoke to your house, however, a good indication for a very basic one is approx £3,995 again costs vary depending on options and angles to negotiate. But do remember: the most expensive stairlift isn’t necessarily the best one – the best stairlift is the one that’s right for your home and needs.

How long does a stairlift last?

It’s impossible to say how long a stairlift should last. A good assumption would be 10 years but that really depends on how it is maintained and the use it gets. Just like a car, a stairlift has moving parts that need to be maintained over time. The key to ensuring a stairlift works well over the years is to make sure you keep up with annual servicing. Do this and you are helping to keep your stairlift in A1 condition for as long as possible.

Are stairlifts suitable for heavier people? Or people with physical disabilities beyond mobility issues?

A range of stairlifts are available for people that can suit most needs. There are various options that include controls mounted on a certain side (if someone has lost the use of a limb from a stroke or accident, for example), certain types of seat that make it easier to get on and off, and wider, reinforced, seats for people who are above the usual weight limit on most stairlifts (19 stone).

Can I rent a stairlift rather than buy one?

In short, yes. If you need a straight stair lift for a limited time only – say when recovering from hip or knee surgery – then renting may be the best option. In that eventuality, we can definitely help… although hire options are, of course, dependent on stock availability at the time. It is difficult to hire out curved stairlifts as they are very much a bespoke fitting.

How easy is it to remove a curved stairlift or straight stairlift?

For safety and potential damage to the staircase, stairlifts only be should be installed by trained engineers only.

What should I know before buying a stairlift?

The main takeaway that we want you to have is this: please speak to a professional and get a survey done before you buy anything. If you remember nothing else from this article, remember that. A good mobility company will discuss your options and work with you to find the right stairlift solution. You can’t make up that expertise, so please don’t be afraid to get in touch for a free no-obligation consultation. Also, look for a local company as they should be able to carry out stairlift servicing

In addition, we’re official stockists of the Handicare stairlift range, which is one of the most highly rated stairlift manufacturers in the UK. So if you’re looking to buy or hire a stairlift but don’t know where to start, please get in touch with us at our contact page or call one of our local stores situated in Northampton, Bicester and Banbury. We cover Oxfordshire, Warwickshire, Buckinghamshire and Northamptonshire. We’re always happy to explain the market to prospective customers and discuss your needs, and – when you’re ready to proceed, we are ready and waiting to survey your premises and ensure you get the stairlift you need.

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We know how important your mobility aids are to your wellbeing. That’s why we offer servicing and maintenance of all our wheelchairs.

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