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At Shire, we believe that your independence is an expression of your personal freedom. When someone loses independence, they lose autonomy. This leads to unique threats to health and happiness that we believe are avoidable in the modern world. The small team of experts that makes up Shire Mobility has helped countless people find the solution to their personal independence challenges. We’re confident we can help you too.


In order to help you, it is absolutely imperative that we don’t just view our customers as customers: we are aware that everyone who comes to us, for whatever reason, is an individual with their own needs and desires. Our job is simply to fulfil them. This is why we offer so much more than just a range of products: at Shire Mobility, we offer an ongoing service that lets our customers be assured that, whatever may crop up, we will be there to help them.

What you can expect from Shire Mobility

- Assessment
& consultation
- Selection
& order
- Delivery,
installation & setup
- Customer service
& maintenance

Shire Mobility’s History

Shire Mobility was established in 2001 to deliver one simple goal: maximising the freedom and independence of people facing mobility challenges. From the outset, we prioritised excellence of service, delivered through a combination of expertise and customer care, and as a result, many of the industry’s major manufacturers and wholesalers were eager to start referring people to us. This led to us gaining a reputation we’re very proud of: that we will go the extra mile to deliver an excellent service.

The Shire Mobility Team

  • Sally Purdie
    Manager (Bicester Shop)

    Since opening the Bicester shop in 2008, Sally, ably assisted by Paul, has developed a loyal and friendly customer base that she enjoys helping. She has a broad knowledge of the products best suited to maintaining customers’ independence and mobility. Hailing from Bicester originally, Sally enjoys watching the Northampton Saints play, as well as relaxing lunches with friends.
  • Craig Jeffs
    General Manager
    & Head of Technical

    Craig assisted the company in the summer of 2008 on a temporary basis and has been with us ever since. Craig soon became a stairlift specialist, and has an extensive knowledge of products and skills within this industry. When not at work, Craig enjoys spending time with his family and young son, or developing projects in his “man-cave”.
  • Paul Boardman
    Assistant Manager

    Paul joined Shire Mobility in November 2004, and has a great deal of experience within the industry, attending seating courses for manual wheelchairs and specialist home seating. Based in our Bicester location, Paul does the majority of our buying, and also helps to run the shop. Non-work activities include supporting the Northampton Saints and socialising with friends.
  • Philip Purdie
    Managing Director

    Philip started Shire Mobility in 2001, and has grown the business into its current form. Although he is responsible for the day to day management of the company, Philip is happiest in the workshop, or on site carrying out a stairlift installation. Philip enjoys leisure time with wife, touring on his motorcycle, and cheering on the Northampton Saints.


Shire Mobility is proud to be a full member of the British Healthcare Trades Association (BHTA). The BHTA is the country’s longest serving healthcare trade body, and maintains a strict code of practice which guarantees that consumers can trust its members.

Membership of the BHTA necessitates strict compliance with its code, which is “intended to reflect a philosophy of care and support for customers.” It also provides access to the regulator, which will act as an ombudsman to manage any complaints against the company and has the power to revoke membership in the eventuality that standards are not complied with.

The BHTA’s code of practice has been approved by the Office of Fair Trading under the Consumer Codes Approval Scheme. This approval is a direct reflection of its proven ability to safeguarding the interests of consumers beyond what is required by law.

To learn more about the BHTA
You can view their website here.

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