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Electric Mobility has been supplying customers with top-quality mobility aids under the ‘Rascal’ and ‘Cosi’ brands for more than 30 years. With more than 100 products in the mobility scooter, wheelchair, and specialist furniture categories, Electric Mobility caters to a large number of people’s specific needs. Shire Mobility stocks a large selection of Electric Mobility products, including a wide range of mobility scooters (including travel and folding scooters), powerchairs and fireside and recliner chair models.

Rascal P200

The Rascal P200 is a versatile indoor / outdoor powerchair.

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Rascal P312 Turnabout Seat Lift

If you're looking for a flexibe powerchair, then the Rascal P312 Turnabout Seat Lift could be the one for you!

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Rascal P320 Compact

The Rascal P320 Powerchair Compact lives up to its name, as it's only half the size of the average powerchair!

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Rascal Rio

This incredibly lightweight powerchair has a max speed of up to 4mph.

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The Rivington high-backed fireside chair is a top of the range model perfect for those who make comfort a priority.

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This simple fireside chair provides users with a robust and comfortable high seat at an affordable price point.

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The Orwell is a high-backed fireside chair that lends a sense of minimalist elegance to any room.

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The Avon is a simple, but incredibly high quality, fireside chair option.

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This beautiful fireside chair can be purchased in three sizes for all body types.

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Standard Riser Recliner

At Shire Mobility we offer a fantastic range of Riser and Recliner chairs to suit most budgets from major suppliers

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Vecta Sport

The Vecta Sport is a compact and powerful road scooter with a maximum speed of 8mph.

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Vantage x

This compact road scooter offers a great product at incredibly good value for money. Driving range

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The Rascal Vision is a powerful 8mph scooter that can carry passengers weighing up to 32 stone.

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Rascal 850

This sleek and powerful model comes with a fully adjustable ergonomically designed seat, meaning your ride will be comfortable, as well as smooth.

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Rascal 388 XL

The Rascal 388 XL is a stylish, sleek scooter that comes in black or red, depending on your preference.

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Rascal Vista DX

The Rascal Vista DX is the perfect scooter for people who want to stay out for longer trips, and has an incredible 34.5-mile range.

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Rascal Vista

The Rascal Vista is a medium-sized pavement scooter that’s totally foldable and can carry customers weighing up to 23.6 stone.

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Electric Mobility scooter FAQs

What is the best Electric Mobility scooter?

The best Electric Mobility scooters are the ones that are the right solution for you. Depending on your needs electric Mobility can supply transportable scooters that will break down and fit into your car, to larger machines such as the Rascal Vista DX that has a 34 mile range! For a great compact but powerful machine, the Vector Sport is hard to beat for that independence and experience.

Are mobility scooters allowed on UK roads?

Class 3 are road legal scooters and will do 8mph.

Why are mobility scooters so expensive?

There is a huge range of machines and prices to suit all pockets. Just go to the website to learn more.

What can go wrong with a mobility scooter?

Just like a car or motorbike there are many moving parts to a mobility scooter. Depending on how you drive it will dictate what can go wrong. Anything from a puncture through to battery wear will happen. If you have any concerns about the scooter you have just call one of our local mobility shops to ask for advice. Our engineers are here to help.

Do you need insurance for mobility scooters?

It is not a legal requirement for insurance, however, if you are spending a few thousand pounds on a new machine it would make sense to cover for those unforeseen situations.

Do you need a number plate for mobility scooters?

No this is not a legal requirement, however, if you do place one on your scooter, please make sure that it is the correct size which is the same a motor vehicle.

What are travel scooters?

Travel scooters also called Transportable or Boot scooters are machines are able to be fitted into a car boot offering portable mobility without the need for an adapted or specialist vehicle. Sizes vary and the ways that they go in do as well. There are two types, folding scooter and a breakdown scooter which breaks into 4 or 5 pieces.

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