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Freerider is a mobility scooter and powerchair specialist offering a wide range of high-quality models for people with varying needs. Their range of models covers not only the rugged outdoors but also indoors with their electric wheelchairs. Shire Mobility offers a wide range of Freerider scooters to suit a wide range of needs and budgets. If you’d like to know more then don’t hesitate to call us or pay a visit to one of our branches to discuss more.

Landranger XL8

This solid and durable mobility scooter is the largest in its line, and can handle any kind of terrain – rough ground, mud, and dirt tracks are nothing to fear in the Landranger XL8.

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Freerider Kensington

This large, robust, mobility scooter brings a touch of elegance to the rough and ready roads its built to handle.

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Freerider Knightsbridge (3wheel)

Mobility is a big plus on the three-wheeled Freerider Knightsbridge.

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Freerider mobility scooter FAQ

Can you get Freerider mobility scooters on the NHS?

Scooters, such as the Freerider FR1 mobility scooter, are not typically available on the NHS. There are plenty of places to buy a mobility scooter but you should always think about what you need before buying one. Think about :

There are many more questions that could get asked, just speak to your local store and let us help you.

Is a 4 wheel scooter better than a 3 wheel scooter?

They both have good points and bad. Generally, three-wheeled mobility scooters can navigate in smaller spaces much easier than a four-wheeled version. But that manoeuvrability comes at a price as the narrow frame takes some of the stability away. The four-wheeled version has a little more stability and you find it possibly better on uneven ground. A good example of this would be the Landranger XL8 mobility scooter or the Freerider mini ranger. It does come down to preference and what you want to use it for in the end.

What is the best travel mobility scooter?

The one that suits your needs! There are plenty of scooters to choose from such as foldable scooters that take up the room of a suitcase to ones that split into 5 pieces to go in the boot of your car. For the best shopping experience always take a look at them in person don’t just buy off the internet. A picture on a website does not tell how bulky it is or the weight of the machine.

Can you get VAT relief for Freerider mobility scooters?

Freerider mobility scooters can be subject to VAT relief. However, it should be noted that people who use mobility scooters, or who only use a wheelchair occasionally or on a short-term basis, do not qualify for VAT relief on purchasing a scooter. For more information on this issue then simply contact your local Shire mobility shop who will help you with this and provide you with further information.

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