Ki Mobility understands that cutting-edge design innovation has to lead to a functional solution that will improve a user’s life and mobility. Founded in 2005 with the determination to create a high-quality lightweight folding wheelchair that acted as a rigid would giving new life to the market with the Catalyst wheelchair. From that three additional products were created for pediatric, rigid and tilt-in-space. These highly active wheelchairs can be assessed in conjunction with your needs by Shire Mobility.

ki mobility tsunami

Ki Mobility Tsunami ALX

The Ki Mobility Tsunami is an incredibly lightweight chair that delivers great performance at an affordable price.

Prices from £1700 More details
ki mobility rogue price

Ki Mobility Rogue

The Ki Mobility Rogue is an incredible piece of engineering.

Prices from £2750 More details

Catalyst 5

The Ki Mobility Catalyst 5 is an ultra-lightweight wheelchair with a difference.

Prices from £1900 More details

Catalyst 5 Vx

This versatile folding wheelchair comes with a braod range of adjustable features.

Prices from £1500 More details

Little Wave Flip

The Ki Mobility Little Wave Flip is an innovative answer to the transitionary period between strollers and wheelchairs.

Prices from £2750 More details

Little Wave Clik

The Ki Mobility Liitle Wave Clik is purpose-built to suit the needs of growing children.

Prices from £2400 More details

Liberty FT

The Ki Mobility Liberty FT is the only adult tilt-in-space wheelchair that can fold up into a compact little package for transportation.

Prices from £2575 More details

Focus CR

The Ki Mobility Focus CR is an innovative wheelchair with a unique rotation mechanism that is easy to adjust.

Prices from £3100 More details

Ki Mobility wheelchairs FAQs

What type of wheelchairs does Ki Mobility make?

Ki Mobility makes wheelchairs that fit the person using it by understanding what their ambitions are. Although in standard form, they can be made bespoke to the user taking into account seat width, seat height and recline position just to name a few. They are lightweight quality construction and very agile.

What is the lightest portable Ki Mobility wheelchair?

The rigid frame Tsunami comes in at a transport weight of approx 5kg – one of the lightest available from Ki Mobility.

Who needs a tilt-in-space wheelchair?

Someone who needs to spend a large amount of time within the chair.

How does a tilt-in-space wheelchair differ from a reclining back wheelchair?

Tilt in space wheelchairs such as the one developed by Ki Mobility prevent sheer so there is no need to worry about skin irritation whilst a reclining wheelchair still allows movement.

How much are Ki Mobility wheelchairs?

In their base format prices start around £1,500 for the Catalyst 5 moving to over £3,000 for the Focus CR. Options would be discussed once the assessment takes place.

Does Ki Mobility make child, junior wheelchairs?

Yes, they do with products such as the Little Wave Flip and Little Wave Clik. Both to suit growing children and young adults.

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