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Ottobock has been developing innovative, person-centered, mobility aids for more than 100 years. Its name is synonymous with high-performance engineering and medical technology expertise in more than 50 countries worldwide. Shire Mobility is an approved stockist of a wide range of Ottobock manual wheelchairs.


The Ottobock Ventus is a true all-rounder: robust, maneouverable, and good looking!

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motus wheelchair


The Ottobock Motus features a unique internal crossbrace folding mechanism and is adjustable to the specifications of each individual user.

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Advantgarde XXL 2

Despite being a super-lightweight wheelchair, the Ottobock Advantgarde XXL 2 is able to carry users weighing up to 28 stone (180kg).

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Advantgarde DS

The Ottobock Advantgarde DS is an incredible piece of engineering.

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Advantgarde DV

The Ottobock Advantgarde DV is an incredibly light wheelchair with a number of customisable options.

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Otto Bock wheelchair FAQs

What is the most expensive Ottobock wheelchair?

It can be difficult to place base prices on an Ottobock manual wheelchair as they are very bespoke. However, a standard price for the Advantgarde DS is approx £1,700. From that, you would be assessed to find out your requirements.

Who would use a manual Ottobock wheelchair?

Manual Ottobock wheelchairs are bought by users looking for a wheelchair that gives the correct positioning, ease of use and low energy. Paediatric, active or lightweight are all available from their range offering comfort, versatility and stability.

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