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Pride Mobility is one of the world’s largest leading mobility companies and provides a wide range of products through both its own brand and a number of subsidiaries. Under Pride Mobility you will find product ranges such as Jazzy, Zero Torn and specialist products from Quantum Rehab, a leader in complex rehab power chairs. The focus for all mobility products is on expert engineering and innovative design to enhance its customers’ quality of life. Shire Mobility stocks an extensive range of Pride Mobility scooters that you can arrange to view from any of our stores in Northampton, Bicester and Banbury.

Go Chair

This incredibly portable powerchair is perfect for people who like to get out and about.

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Pride I Go Lite Lightweight electric wheelchair


Maximise your convenience with the iGO+, a lightweight, compact powerchair that you can just unfold and start using.

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Pride Ranger

The Pride Ranger is the perfect mobility scooter for people who love the great outdoors, keep a sense of adventure, and don’t mind a challenge.

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Pride Colt Executive

The Colt Executive is the largest mobility scooter in the Colt range. It’s an 8mph scooter that’s chock full of high-performance features.

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Pride Colt Pursuit

The Colt Pursuit is a large, rugged, 8mph scooter that comes with large 13” pneumatic wheels letting it handle any terrain.

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Pride Colt Pursuit ES13

This unique, best-in-class, mobility scooter comes with full suspension, bright LED lighting, and a soft high back seat.

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Pride Finesse Sport

With excess leg room and plenty of LED lighting, the Finesse Sport isn’t just a powerful scooter, it’s safe

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Pride Zero Turn 10

The Pride Zero Turn 10 is a sleek and powerful unity that can navigate the tightest of corners and the smallest of spaces.

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Pride Colt Sport

This high-performance, 8mph scooter comes with everything you want in a sports model.

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Pride Colt Deluxe 2.0

The Pride Colt Deluxe 2.0 is a compact scooter that comes with a wide range of features

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Colt Plus

The Colt Plus is extremely popular due to its cost-effectiveness.

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Pride Revo 2.0

The Pride Revo 2.0 is a truly robust vehicle suited to all kinds of outdoor terrain

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Colt Twin

The Colt Twin is a high-performance scooter that features a number of exceptional elements, such as specially-designed dual front wheels.

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Pride Maxima

The Pride Maxima is a stylish retro scooter that combines durability with performance for a really trustworthy ride.

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The Quest is incredibly easy to use, and is perfect for indoor and outdoor environments.

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Pride GoGo Elite Traveller Sport

The Go-Go Elite Traveller Sport is a high-performance vehicle that’s sure to take you where you want to go with a minimum of hassle.

Prices from £1,350 More details

Pride GoGo Elite Traveller Plus

The Go-Go Elite Traveller Plus is perfectly suited to larger customers.

Prices from £1,199 More details

Pride GoGo Elite Traveller LX

The Go-Go Elite Traveller LX takes an incredible travel scooter and makes it even better!

Prices from £1,100 More details

Pride GoGo Elite Traveller

The Go-Go Elite Traveller combines incredible stability with top-class manoeuverability for a safe and smooth ride.

Prices from £1050 More details

Pride Apex Rapid

This stylish travel mobility scooter is the first in its range to be fitted with ground-breaking all-round suspension.

Prices from £1,225 More details

Pride Apex Alumalite

The Apex Alumalite is the lightest aluminium travel scooter available!

Prices from £1,999 More details

Pride Apex Lite

This lightweight scooter is built for comfort and agility.

Prices from £950 More details

Jazzy Zero Turn 8

You’ll never struggle to navigate those tight corners and awkward turns again with the Jazzy Zero Turn 8.

Prices from £1600 More details

Pride Mobility scooter FAQs

How much are Pride Mobility scooters?

Pride Mobility has an extensive range of models to choose from. They range from transportable scooters starting around £899 that fit into the back of your car to 8mph road legal scooters such as the Pride Colt Pursuit at around £2,599. Checkout the website.

What are the best mobility scooters for the outdoors?

If you are looking for a solution for going over stone paths such as canal paths then look for a scooter with a good ground clearance to start with. Look also for a good range of power and ideally with suspension to soak up the knocks.

Where is Pride Mobility located?

Pride Mobility and Quantum head Office is based in the US and has offices in the UK, Netherlands, Italy, Canada and Australia.

Do Pride Mobility scooters need servicing?

A Pride scooter just like any other scooter should be serviced every year. Treat it like you would a car. It has mechanical parts that wear with use.

What is the difference between a Class 2 and Class 3 mobility scooter?

Class 2 are machines that have a maximum speed of 4mph and are legal for use on pavements. Class 3 are 8mph road-legal machines with many having the ability to switch to 4mph when needed to be driven on the pavement.

Can you get VAT relief on mobility scooters?

Speak to your local mobility store to understand more about VAT relief.

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