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Sunrise Medical is an industry leader when it comes to manufacturing and supplying wheelchairs and other mobility aids. The company has been in operation since 1983, and is amongst the best-known mobility brands in the world. Shire Mobility partners with Sunrise Medical for their wheelchairs (including manual and power wheelchairs) and mobility scooters which are available to view from all of our branches.

Krypton F

The Sunrise Medical Krypton F is the lightest adjustable folding frame wheelchair in the world!

Prices from £3675 More details

Argon 2

The Sunrise Medical Quickie Argon 2 is a super lightweight active wheelchair with numerous adjustable features.

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quickie neon 2

Quickie Neon 2

Built around a compact, cross-brace folding mechanism with rigid frame.

Prices from £1575 More details

Life F

The Sunrise Medical Quickie Life F is a versatile all-rounder that's perfect for inside and outside use.

prices from £1313 More details

Alber e-motion wheels

Push rim activated wheels - active mobility with therapeutic benefit.

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Youngster 3

This incredibly lightweight peadiatric wheelchair weighs just 8.5kg and comes in 28 frame colours.

Prices from £2097 More details


The Sunrise Medical Ibis is an adaptable chair that's easy to customise for each user's specific needs.

Prices from £2415 More details

Sunrise Medical Q300 M Mini

The Sunrise Medical Q300 M Mini is the narrowest true mid-wheel drive power chair around.

Prices from £5670 More details

Sunrise Medical Q500 M Sedo Pro

The Sunrise Medical Q500 M Sedo Pro is the power chair for those that want it all.

Prices from £5670 More details

Sunrise Medical Q700 M Sedo Ergo

This high-performance Power Chair comes with a long list of advanced features designed to drive functionality through the roof.

Prices from £14700 More details

Hula Powered Wheelchair

The Hula Powered Wheelchair combines incredible indoor maneouverability.

Prices from £2970 More details

Sterling Sapphire 2

The Sapphire 2 is built to handle well, indoors and out. It can be disassembled into four parts and is easy to fit into most vehicles.

Prices from £1,695 More details

Sunrise Medical wheelchairs FAQs

What are the best wheelchairs for seniors?

All wheelchair users whether senior or junior should aim to have a wheelchair that is comfortable and support their needs.

What is the lightest Sunrise Medical wheelchair?

Sunrise Medical wheelchairs come in all shapes and sizes with lightweight wheelchairs playing an important part in the Quickie active range. An example of this would be the Quickie Krypton R with a total weight of 6.2kg.

Which power wheelchairs are the best?

With every type of chair whether they are wheelchairs or power wheelchairs, it is important to get an assessment. The weight of the user, height and width should all be taken into account including terrain. This is why it’s essential to have an expert fitting and consultation which we can offer at any of our mobility stores.

How much does a powered wheelchair cost?

Powered wheelchairs costs can range from £1,700 plus depending on the make and optional extras that might be fitted such as lift function (if available).

What is the turning circle for a wheelchair?

Depending on the wheel position, a wheelchair user would be able to turn almost on the spot!

What are the advantages of a mid wheel drive power wheelchair?

A MWD power electric wheelchair has the smallest turning circle which improves maneuverability.

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