5 of the best mobility aids for making life a little easier in the home

When we think about mobility challenges as a society, we quite rightly focus on the big problems. Hence, there’s a reassuring level of public awareness today over things like wheelchair access and disabled public toilets. However, while this is an undoubtedly positive development, it does mean that some of the more “everyday” mobility concerns get overlooked.

At Shire Mobiliy, we thought we’d address that problem head on, and take a little time to show you some of the great products that might not save your life, but are guaranteed to make it a little easier.

1: large handled cutlery
Even if you’re fit and healthy, by the age of 70, your grip strength could be just half of what it was at 35. A small investment into large handled cutlery can make all the difference at mealtimes – why struggle with something you do three times a day, seven days a week?

2: walking sticks
The cane, or walking stick, has been a staple mobility aid since time immemorial – and there’s a reason why: it works! It is well known that balance declines naturally with age, but avoiding a fall can be as simple as having something to lean on.

3: shower stools
Did you know that bathroom slips and falls are the most common cause of injury for people over the age of 65? A shower stool is one of the safest and simplest ways you can help yourself to stay safe in the shower – you simply wash sitting down, instead of standing up.

4: toilet surround
Sticking with “personal spaces”, the toilet surround is a great mobility aid for people who struggle to stand unaided. It’s a simple frame that goes around your toilet and offers bars to hold when you want to get off.

5: bed rails
There’s an old saying that suggests grumpy people “got out of bed on the wrong side.” As with many old sayings, it hides a truth: how you start your day is important! A simple bed rail will keep getting out of bed as easy as possible.

Of course, these five suggestions might not be quite what you need. At Shire Mobility, we’re proud to offer an enormous range of products from the highest quality suppliers on the market. And, what’s more, our friendly, knowledgeable staff will be happy to help you find a solution that’s right for you or your loved one. Get in touch to learn more.



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