Now’s the time to make the most of your mobility scooter

As the summer finally hits Great Britain in full force, this is the perfect time to make the most of your mobility scooter. Britain is slowly emerging from lockdown as the coronavirus pandemic that swept the globe appears – at least on these shores – to be receding. We are by no means “out of the woods” yet, but we seem to be far enough along this journey that it is finally possible for you to get back INTO the woods… provided countryside adventures are your thing, of course.

The government has relaxed restrictions on movement, meaning you are now allowed to spend as much time outside as you like, provided you continue to follow social distancing rules. This relaxation has come at a great time for fans of the Great British countryside, as it coincides with a turn in the seasons. Summer is here, and the opportunity to get out and about in it is especially attractive given months of isolation indoors.

This is true of everyone, regardless of their level of mobility. Depending on the specifications of your mobility scooter, the options open to you may include longer outdoor journeys around parks and woodland areas, trips to the beach, or jaunts through the surrounding countryside. But, if you want to make the most of it, you need to ensure that your equipment is operating at 100% efficiency and safety. While lockdown has been eased, social distancing is still mandatory – that means, in a worst-case scenario of getting stranded somewhere, help may be harder to find than normal.

At Shire, we take your safety and wellbeing very seriously indeed. We want you to make the most of your newfound freedom – but not if it costs you your safety. Why not contact us to arrange routine maintenance for your mobility scooter? This is good practise all the time, but especially now – the last thing you want on your first major trip in months is a breakdown. Our trained professionals can provide you with confidence that your mobility aid is good to go, guarding against problems and fixing them when they do occur (keep our number in your mobile, just in case you do get stuck while out and about).

Just contact us here to arrange an appointment, and make sure your mobility scooter remains roadworthy.

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