Five great days out with your wheelchair this spring

Spring is just around the corner – it’s a great time of year for days out after a long, cold, winter. But when you’ve got a wheelchair to think about, your options can seem a little restricted. That’s why the team at Shire has curated a list of days out that are fun for people with or without wheelchairs.

See the English countryside… by boat!

One of the most beautiful things about spring is watching the countryside erupt with new life, from woodcocks to wildflowers. There are few better ways to watch this timeless procession of new life play out than by canal boat – but is that really safe for wheelchair users? It can be. Why not book a trip with family or friends down the River Stort? (Canalability and Lee and Stort Boat Co. have both got fully wheelchair-accessible options available). If you’d rather try elsewhere, a simple Google search can give you plenty of options across the UK.

See the sights of The City

London is a thriving hub of activity, and it houses some of the world’s most impressive landmarks, such as Buckingham Palace, The London Eye, Big Ben, and the Royal Mews. London Black Taxi Cabs are probably the most accessible taxis in the world, and they’re the perfect way to see The City’s sights – alone, or in company. Every car has a ramp, high door openings and extra room inside for wheelchairs. Just visit The London Taxi Experience for more info.

Ride the railways in South Devon (or plenty of other places!)

South Devon plays home to a beautiful restored steam railway that runs down the Dart river valley. This former Great Western Railway offers a great way to see the country come to life in spring, and drops you off at the Totness Rare Breeds Farm, which is a great day out. You’ll find ramps and specially-adapted carriages (at least one per train) making this an ideal day out, whether you’re in a wheelchair or not! And if Devon isn’t your cup of tea, The Heritage Railway Association can help you find similar options all over the country.

Soak up the sounds at a festival this spring

Not one for quietly watching the rabbits lark about amongst the primroses? Well have no fear – the UK plays host to a number of music festivals that offer you the option to rock out in your wheelchair. The Liverpool Sound City Music Festival (3 – 5 May) is a great weekend that’s seen bands like The Human League, the Kooks and Metronomy playing. Or if you prefer ‘arty’ to ‘party’ The Bath Festival (17 – 26 May) is well worth a look.

Or if nature is your thing: embrace it with The Wildlife Trusts!

Last but by no means least, if spring-time really is all about the flora and fauna for you, then there’s no better day out than a visit to one of The Wildlife Trust’s nature reserves. The Trust maintains a list of accessible reserves that come with great access and facilities for wheelchair users, meaning you can enjoy exactly the same experience as your wheelchair-free family and friends. The great outdoors has never been so great, and – best of all – it can be found all over Britain.

If you’d like a professional to give your wheelchair the once-over before you go out and about on your springtime adventures, our engineers are always available to perform some routine maintenance. To book a visit, or even if you just have any questions about the best way to stay active and mobile in your wheelchair, give us a call on 01604 580 600 (Northampton) or 01869 253 976 (Bicester).