Get some help around the house with Shire Mobility

 At Shire Mobility, we’re dedicated to helping you be as mobile as possible. That’s why we offer a selection of the best mobility aids available, from stairlifts to mobility scooters.

But one area that is often overlooked, and can really help people who are experiencing a change in lifestyle is household mobility aids.

Looking after the little things

 The little things in life that we do every day are often the first things we struggle with when we get older, or develop an illness. That’s why Shire stocks a wide range of accessories designed specifically to help you with everyday problems, like:

  • Tools to open jars and windows or turn taps
  • Mats to prevent slips and falls in the bathroom
  • Raised seats to make getting up from your chair or toilet as easy as ever
  • Rails to help you walk up stairs and get in and out of bed
  • Walking sticks and frames to help you get around the home
  • Trolleys to lift-and-shift heavy items
  • Wire meshes to drain pots and pans full of boiling water
  • Adapted kitchen utensils and accessories to keep dinner time running smoothly

Don’t sacrifice your quality of life

 It’s never easy coping with change – but it doesn’t have to be hard either. By being proactive, and recognising what level of help you need early on, you can retain the lifestyle you’re used to.

Getting hold of the help you need also keeps you as young and healthy as possible. Mobility aids have been proven to not just help you retain quality of life, but slow the deterioration of mobility by preventing accidents and helping keep people active.

It’s as easy as picking up the phone

 If you want to take the next step in protecting your mobility and ensuring you keep hold of as much freedom as possible, don’t fret: it couldn’t be easier.

Just call Shire Mobility on 01604 580 600 (our Northampton branch) or 01869 253 976 (our Bicester branch).

Our dedicated, highly trained, team can walk you through the options available and guarantee that you get the level of service and expertise you deserve.