How digital platforms can help the mobility industry thrive

The last decade has seen an unprecedented rise in the relevance of digital platforms, and the mobility industry is as affected by it as any other business. The major benefits of having a dedicated web presence are the huge impact it can have on a company’s visibility, and the digital space it allows them to define their brand.

According to an influential study undertaken last year, “the cost of not having a website is much higher than the cost of building a website”. This cost expresses itself as an inability to be seen next to one’s more digital savvy competitors, and is a result of people’s preference for internet searches over more old fashioned means of searching, like Yellow Pages.

A website also offers small businesses the opportunity to publish whatever content they like, letting them define their brand at very low cost, and educate their customer base.

In an industry like ours, this is particularly powerful, as it allows people with genuine challenges to find the products that can help them more quickly and easily. However, the power of online business also comes with some drawbacks. We would be hesitant, for example, to suggest that anyone buy a mobility aid through the internet without undergoing a full, in-person, assessment and trying the product out.

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