In 2019, why settle for a mobility aid that isn’t making your life easier and more comfortable?

Over the past decade, mobility aids have come a long way. And taken in tandem with the information explosion of the internet, it begs the question: why not make sure your mobility equipment is offering you the best quality of life possible?

There was a time, not that long ago, when people whose mobility was restricted had fewer options available to them, and they often had to make do with wheelchairs and other items that weren’t as comfortable as possible – and didn’t even make life as easy as it could be!

But today, things are very different. Wheelchairs and other seated mobility aids such as mobility scooters and stairlifts, are available with reinforced frames for heavier people. Wheelchairs can be bought in a range of widths to suit any home, and mobility scooters come with a variety of battery options, enabling people to retain their lifestyles even if they live more remotely.

A wide variety of options are available on everyday items like walking sticks, large-handled cutlery, kneeling cushions, and more – meaning you can find something that’s perfect for you even if you’re not planning to spend your life savings!

Bigger ticket items like rise and recliner chairs and beds are now available in bespoke options, personalised to your dimensions and offering ease of use, top class functionality, and ultimate comfort.

So, the big question is this: are you as comfortable, and is your life as easy, as it could be? If not, you might want to give us a call… after all, it’s 2019, and there’s no reason to “just make do” anymore!

Shire Mobility stocks the best quality mobility aids from the best providers. Whatever your needs, feel free to call us on 01604 580 600 (Northampton) or 01869 253 976 (Bicester). One of our personable and highly trained members of staff will be happy to field any questions you may have on how we can help to optimise your comfort and mobility.

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