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Dietz Power has one clear goal which is to develop powered wheelchairs for people with limited mobility that are adaptable right down to the last detail. The Dietz Sango powered wheelchair range gives the user the ability to bespoke the configuration to suit their needs. Shire Mobility is able to assess your requirements in order that you get the most out of your electric wheelchair. For a discussion and assessment please call your local Northampton, Bicester or Banbury store for more details.

Dietz Sango Advanced front wheel drive option

Dietz Sango Advanced

This chair is built for comfort and adaptability

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Dietz Sango Slimline in front wheel drive mode

Dietz Sango Slimline

Every wheelchair user has run into situations where the width of their chair is an issue...

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Shows Dietz Sango Slimline Junior in mid wheel drive option

Dietz Sango Slimline Junior

The Sango Slimline Junior is purpose-built for lighter and more slender users.

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Dietz Sango Advanced Junior with mid wheel drive option

Dietz Sango Advanced Junior

The Sango Advanced Junior is ergonomically designed to deliver maximum comfort.

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Shows Dietz Sango XXL in front wheel drive option

Dietz Sango XXL

The Sango XXL is an incredibly robust powerchair purpose built for larger customers.

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Dietz Power FAQs

What solutions can the Dietz Power range offer me?

Dietz Power offers solutions to suit virtually all mobility issues whether it is physical and or age-related. Their range of solutions are based around five main products called Sango.

The Junior versions have all the features that you would expect on the adult chair uses the junior Sego Seating System which has narrower seating and backrests. However, the experience on the Junior versions are exactly the same for the user.

What options do I have for my Dietz powerchair?

Options for the Sango range include :

There are more specific options on the technical side available and we would strongly suggest contacting your local Shire Mobility store for a consultation.

What is the difference between the different drive wheels?

Dietz Power has spent a considerable amount of time and resource developing their three drive mechanisms to enhance the customer experience and comfort with the wheelchairs. Users have three options that can be fitted to Sango advanced electric wheelchairs.

What is the cost of a Dietz power chair?

Prices range for a standard electric wheelchair start around the £5,000 mark. Wheelchairs of this nature can be difficult to price as a standard as each one is bespoke to the user.

Contact us

For a no obligation telephone consultation please call us or fill out our online form.

Northampton: 01604 580 600
Bicester: 01869 253 976
Banbury: 01295 252 722

We have three mobility shops situated in Oxfordshire and Northamptonshire that are located in Northampton (our head office), Bicester and Banbury.