Why you should think twice about buying mobility aids online

Buying goods and services online might seem like an attractive proposition, but when it comes to mobility aids, you are always better to use a trusted company with a brick-and-mortar presence. The reason for that is simple: while it’s true that online retailers can offer you choice, convenience, and competitive prices, they simply can’t offer the kind of customer service that this industry requires.

A case in point comes from a recent letter to The Observer, where JD from London aired grievances over their mother’s treatment from one such firm.

The person wrote that they had ordered a mobility scooter for their mother from an online retailer, but the battery died after a three-week period without charging. When JD contacted the retailer in question, they were directed “to page 14 of the brochure, which stated ‘if you do not use your vehicle for a prolonged period, place it on charge once a week, overnight.’” The person to whom JD was speaking offered no further help: “he said it was not his fault if I didn’t read the manual.”

So much for customer service!

JD went on to explain that the retailer in question claimed this voided the warranty on the scooter and the person they spoke to “clearly couldn’t care less.”

The company’s warning that the scooter battery should be regularly charged was hidden away on page 14 of a manual – imagine trying to go on holiday for a couple of weeks, and trying to arrange someone to come round once a week to plug in and unplug your mobility scooter – and the customer’s attention wasn’t drawn to it. JD concluded glumly: “I’ve paid £740 for an unusable scooter”.

Sadly, there’s not much JD can do about it. These companies don’t provide a comprehensive service, they just look to shift their products on an uneducated public. And, they make sure their backs are covered legally.

The solution is very clear: only use a trusted retailer who has actual premises which you can visit, getting a chance to try out the various product offerings that might be right for you, and talking to experts face-to-face.

At Shire Mobility, we’re dedicated to offering a first-rate service that puts the customer at the heart of everything we do. Our highly trained staff are passionate about helping you find the product that’s right for you, giving you all the information you require to use it. Perhaps best of all, we actually exist in the real world, so if you want to speak to someone face-to-face, we’re easy to find.

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